Cobble Hill Eatery & Dispensary is an upscale, fine dining restaurant and bar with an urban feel in Cedar Rapids, IA. Cobble Hill is named after one of the local neighborhoods in Brooklyn, N.Y. that the owners Carrie and Andy Schumacher once lived.


Our Contemporary American menu is chef driven. We update our restaurant offerings based on two different principles: seasonality and availability of produce from local farmers in and around Cedar Rapids. Cobble Hill encourages sustainable food practice in our restaurant. All of our food is made from scratch, with our own unique local twist. Each meal is hand-crafted and will make for a memorable dinner!


Upon visiting our local restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IA, you will find restored brick walls that were once covered up by cinder blocks and salvaged wooden floors that were once laying in an old rundown barn. The restaurant tables are made from floor joists from the oldest home in Asbury, Iowa. When gazing the ceilings and walls, one can find 20th century appliances and vintage kitchen artwork. Some of these aesthetics, may be why Coble Hill Eatery & Dispensary was labeled one of the "Most Romantic Restaurants in Iowa" in 2015.


Cobble Hill Eatery & Dispensary offers a vibrant bar program, serving everything from small craft beers and wines to small batch whiskeys, gins and more. Restaurant cocktails are inspired from the prohibition era and are made daily with freshly squeezed juices. The Schumachers believe in small-batch liquor from craft distilleries. They were quoted in Iowa City's News & Culture Magazine, Little Village saying: "We're about educating people, getting them out of their comfort zone to try something new". Be sure to ask about our bar program next time you stop into our Brooklyn inspired restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IA!

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