Featured Customer

The meal started off with a cucamelon. I'd never had one and it was a beautiful presentation and tasted wonderful.

I never had been to a restaurant which offered beef tartare...when in Rome. It was great! Lightly smoked.

For the main course I had a seafood gumbo which featured scallops (I love scallops and these were the best i'd ever had) and whole prawns over dirty rice. It was earthy, rich and deliciously flavorful with mild cajun spices.

They brought us chocolate with chiles in it and it was fabulous.

We ordered a blueberry tart for dessert which was served with lime(?) and basil gelato. I am not a huge dessert fan usually but it was very special.

I cannot wait to go back! Everything was made fresh. It may be the best meal I've ever had!

It is a casual, dress code free restaurant. I wore a baseball hat and Andy, the owner and head chef even came and spoke with us. The service was wonderful.

Brett Sobaski

Happy Customers

Hands down the best restaurant in the Corridor area. They use super fresh locally sourced ingredients in fun, inventive ways. Be sure to save room for dessert - the best part!

Anne Armitage

Amazing meal with amazing service. My scallops were worth every single penny! And the oysters? Oh. Em. Gee. Very knowledgeable staff and great service. Everyone was very attentive without hovering-which I LOVE. We will definitely be back!

Sara Jean Culwell

Had an awesome experience tonight with my girlfriend. Meg was an awesome waitress! Food was great and the presentation was awesome!!! Thank you guys for a great experience!

Jesse Vazquez

Finally made it to Cobble Hill and it was amazing! The Service and Food was spot on. Love every bit of it. We will be back soon!

Cindy Kula Leeson

It was perfect, absolutely perfect. This is a must for anyone who has a mouth and can taste.

Matt McCormick

I love this restaurant ! The service is always special and the food is exceptional. Highly recommended for food. But the bar is amazing too, innovative and delicious

Tracy Bildstein

Incredible service. I wish I knew the name of our server, because she was the best! Talked us through our options and made sure to check on how we liked it. Creative menu. These people know food. Everything tasted like a dream. Beautiful plates. Green gazpacho. Omg. Loved the old blues playing inside. Wish I lived closer, I'd be a regular! Thanks!

Sara Brinkley

The food was amazing and unique (where else can you get morels in your pasta?!), the drinks were phenomenal and the staff was helpful, polite and very knowledgable. Such a nice night out on the town, I will definitely be going back. Keep up the good work!

Nikki Scheel

Came for dinner Friday May 30th with a group of six people. I hardly ever write Facebook reviews, but I had to tell somebody about my experience. It's been a long time since I have enjoyed dinner out so much! Atmosphere was great. Entertainment was wonderful. Liked starting out with the mellow music and then working up to the more lively stuff as the night went on. The food was wonderful and a great value for the quality. I had the pasta dish and it was good. Two of my friends had the fish and they were tempted to lick the last dribbles of the sauce out of the bowl. I also have to emphasize the quality of the service. It feels like nobody understands service anymore. We were never lacking for anything, but equally as important the service was not obtrusive. Finally, thanks for extending happy/social hour all night.

Melanie Sue B

My husband and I came to dinner Saturday night, on a recommendation because we live out of town. All I really need to say here is, at the end of our last course, my husband literally licked the plate clean! I love what you're doing, everything was impeccable, and we were left wishing for a Cobble Hill in our city!! Bravo to you and your incredible staff; a beautiful restaurant, with tremedous delights for the palette, run smooth as silk. Sincerely, Mandy Vela-Huff & Brad Huff

Mandy Vela

Hands down, best restaraunt in Cedar Rapids. Looking forward to New Year's Eve dinner!!

Emily Thielen

I have eaten here many times and have never had a bad meal. Always top notch ingredients, great service and superb presentation!

Kathleen Henricksen

Had a great meal here last night. Knowledgeable and friendly from start to finish. Owners go out of there way to make everyone feel at home. Crudo app is great with the yuzu, enjoyed the Halibut but you must have dessert. We tried them all and were very very happy. Great cotes du Rhone as well

Clint Goodman

I am always blown away when I come here. The pork pozole melted in my mouth. The hominy was amazing. And, I can never leave without one of your macaroons. To die for! Thank you!

Jennifer Latterell

First time we hit your establishment and only thing we are upset about is not going there sooner. Amazing food, great attentive staff, and overall good atmosphere. You guys balance everything so well there without being so "hovery". Without a doubt will be returning.

Adam Stuflick

I had my birthday dinner here last night. Such an amazing experience! Wonderful service, the food was almost too beautiful to eat and was absolutely divine when I did. A perfect evening! Cannot wait to return!

Kerri Neil

Best nouveau in CR
Interesting menus, well prepared food.

Pete Rowbotham

You WILL want to be sure to make reservations--we did not as we had never been there before and didn't know what to expect, and they had said we were the only people they would be able to fit that evening without one. Thank you!!! We were sat up where we could see the chefs doing all the cooking, which was a really fun experience that made the whole night. Place has an excellent vibe and despite the high food quality and higher price to match, staff is VERY friendly. Worth every cent and easily in my top three places, you MUST GO!

Nicole McGreevy

Carrie & Andy - WOW!!! Superb dining experience...food was amazing and unique...great decor and atmosphere...so many little touches...LOVED IT!!!!!

Nancy Lukes-Jirak

We had no idea what to expect when our friends asked us out for her birthday. We were very impressed! Your food was beautifully plated and the wine selection was perfect! A taste of artistry!!!

Marti Dvorsky

Finally made it to Cobble Hill and it was amazing! The Service and Food was spot on. Love every bit of it. We will be back soon!

Cindy Kula Leeson